Mid-America Hypnosis Conference

Canadian Hypnosis Conference

October 21st - 23rd, 2016
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Northbrook, IL

Learning to Live in the Present Moment
October 23rd @ 10:00 am

Hypnosis is often used to eliminate all that clients are not – so they can be more of who they are. But most don’t realize what that means. Most people just want to feel better. However, when they learn about Presence, they suddenly discover there is a whole world waiting for them to awaken from the dream we often call life. This lecture will not only teach what Presence is, but how to become Present. Students will be taught practical approaches to be Present and given practical advice on “picking your spots” of when to be Present. This lecture is a way of alerting every hypnotist about their own personal purpose and how to bring meaning into their lives – through Presence.

The Ultimate Purpose of Hypnosis
October 23rd @ 2:00 pm

Hypnosis is used to eliminate all you are not – so you can be all you are – in Presence. This experiential workshop will demonstrate how to use change work to eliminate emotional issues and problems so that eventually the client can become Present. Students will also be taught how to be Present in a practical way. This workshop will help every hypnotist improve their own purpose and methods with clients so that there is a final purpose to change work that is fulfilling to clients.