Canadian Hypnosis Conference

Canadian Hypnosis Conference

October 28th - 30th, 2016
Burlington, Ontario CANADA

October 29th @ 3:00 pm

When you blend Hypnosis and EFT you get more powerful outcomes.

By using EFT to fully eliminate fear and mistrust, you can get deeper hypnotic trances for clients. You can also use EFT to effect a hypnotic induction without the client realizing it until they are already in hypnosis. Did you know you can also use EFT while your client is in hypnosis to eliminate pain and various issues. When done right, EFT can become hypnosis and great changes can be attained without the client realizing it – until they see the changes happen and wonder how they occurred. This is a brief, yet powerful seminar that will teach you EFT so you can use it in your practice when you return from the convention.

Hypno-Scan Healing
October 30th @ 2:15 pm

In this workshop, we will introduce you to how to get clients to the deeper levels of hypnosis and then help them utilize their own Super-Conscious Mind to heal themselves effectively. We will teach the theory of deep hypnosis states and why they are important to reach in order to access the most powerful parts of your mind. Once there, we will teach how to utilize the client’s own Super-Conscious to first scan and then heal pre-conditions to any illness and/or disease that is discovered and return the client to optimal health. This is an amazing workshop since you will learn the theory behind it and then how to attain such deep states and learn what to do with them once they have been accessed.