Living in Presence

Your mind is naturally silent and still. A state where all knowing is accessible and fears drop away.

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EFT is one of the most effective healing techniques you can use today and it will often work for you when nothing else will.

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Simple and effortless.  Instill new thoughts and ideas that can bring about positive changes in your life.

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& Services

Weekly EFT Borrrowing Benefits Group, workshops, seminars and private consultations.

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We believe that everyone is in exactly the right place for themselves at this point in time. We honor wherever they are right now. Each and every person is perfect in the eyes of God and we will never substitute our judgment for that of God. We start from that perspective and go forward from there.

All healing is ultimately a spiritual experience. If the spirit is impaired, the body will follow. The mind falls into the same pattern. When we address the spirit through the energetic channels of the body and the subconscious mind, we help re-balance the body and mind and restore it to vibrant health. We find that the greatest problem for most of our clients is that they are unaware of what is actually going on in their lives. They get so wrapped up in "doing" and "going" that they forget about "Being." Our approach is that each of us will be a lot better off if we can simply "Be Here Now." Find out more about Presence by clicking here.

We use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Hypnosis to help people eliminate all they are not so they can become all that they are. EFT and hypnosis will help clear negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs and aberrant behaviors like addictions, fears and anger so you can return to being Present.

What is Presence?

Living in the Present Moment Through Emotional Freedom Technique


When you are present, your mind is naturally silent and still. Once you are present, you realize everything is peaceful, calm, quiet and still. Everything in sight is part of God’s world and becomes more interesting and colorful than you previously noticed. It is a state where all knowing is accessible to you and all fear drops away.


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Wednesday Evening EFT Borrowing Benefits Group

Our EFT Borrowing Benefits Group meets EVERY Wednesday night at the Center, 7pm to 9pm. We work on each person's issues together in a healing, supportive and friendly environment.

The cost is $20 and is payable at the door. You can purchase a bundle of six (6) group sessions for $100 or a bundle of 10 for $150. Prepaid session but they must be used consistently on a weekly basis within six months of the date of purchase or they expire.

Wednesday Night Borrowing Benefits Group

latest news

A Day of Empowerment and Insight
with Glenn Poveromo and Ted Robinson
Sunday, January 14, 2018
9:45 am to 5:00 pm

Most people make their New Year’s Resolutions just after Christmas and then promptly forget all about them. This year can be different for you! You are invited to attend our workshop on January 14th (just about the time you forget all your resolutions) and not only learn how to maintain your resolutions, but make them into lifetime improvements in your life.

Ted will teach you Emotional Freedom Technique EFT which you will be able to use to eliminate your internal resistance to change so you are then free to make mental and physical changes to yourself.

Glenn will then teach you cognitive ways to actually change your mind to implement changes into your life at a subliminal level, which is the most powerful way to bring about changes in your life. By joining these two techniques together you will be able to implement changes in your life – for life!

The cost is $99.00 at the door but if you register and pay by January 5th, you'll get a $20.00 discount and pay only $79.00!


Inner Healing Press

This comprehensive course teaches hypnotists how to incorporate Emotional Freedom Technique and Presence into their hypnosis practice to help clients eliminate all they are not, so they can eventually become Present and be all they are in each moment - resulting in peace, joy and happiness. This series includes over 5 hours of instructions and multiple demonstrations of the techniques used in the program.


This self-hypnosis audio program takes you to the deepest levels of hypnosis to help you heal your body and mind at the quantum level of healing.

It’s simple: Lay back, put your headphones on, relax and listen. There is no will power involved. Just listen and after a while, you’ll notice things changing in your life - effortlessly. The multiple layers of sound work together to relax your mind, reduce your stress and energize you.


The Super Conscious Mind is the part of each of us that is limitless, all knowing and all powerful. It can transform the energy of thought and intent into the physical reality of optimal health.

Hypno-Scan Plus Super Height combines three distinct vocal tracks with multiple background tracks that intertwine and blend together to create a hypnotic and trancelike effect.

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