EFT is one of the most effective healing techniques you can use today. It will often work for you when nothing else will.
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Presence is when you are simply here. When you are present, the past and future disappear and your mind is naturally silent and still. It is a state where all knowing is accessible and fears drop away.
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We believe that everyone is in exactly the right place for themselves at this point in time. We honor wherever they are right now. Each and every person is perfect in the eyes of God and we will never substitute our judgment for that of God. We start from that perspective and go forward from there.

All healing is ultimately a spiritual experience. If the spirit is impaired, the body will follow. The mind falls into the same pattern. When we address the spirit through the energetic channels of the body and the subconscious mind, we help re-balance the body and mind and restore it to vibrant health. We find that the greatest problem for most of our clients is that they are unaware of what is actually going on in their lives. They get so wrapped up in "doing" and "going" that they forget about "Being." Our approach is that each of us will be a lot better off if we can simply "Be Here Now." Find out more about Presence by clicking here.

We use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Hypnosis to help people eliminate all they are not so they can become all that they are. EFT and hypnosis will help clear negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs and aberrant behaviors like addictions, fears and anger so you can return to being Present.

The Sleep Code This breakthrough audio program consists of two multi-layered recordings that progressively take you deeper and faster into a state of complete relaxation, enhanced concentration and focused attention – which will allow you to enter a deeper state of sleep and heal your body naturally.

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This self-hypnosis program, based on the Simpson Protocol, takes you to the deepest states of hypnosis to heal your body and mind at the quantum level of healing. We ask the Super Conscious Mind, the part of us all that is limitless and infinite in nature and has the potential to achieve any outcome, to scan your body and mind and to heal not just physical issues, but also the underlying emotional factors that contribute to those issues

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HypnoThoughts Live 2016

Ines Simpson and Ted Robinson will be teaching in Las Vegas, NV this August at HypnoThoughts Live.  Find out more!

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Wednesday Night EFT Borrowing Benefits Group

Our EFT Borrowing Benefits Group meets EVERY Wednesday night at the Center, 7pm to 9pm. We work on each person's issues together in a healing, supportive environment. You don't have to know EFT to attend. Cost is $20 per session and no one is turned away because of money.

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